Wang Wei

Wang Wei (698 - 759) is considered one of the most important writers in the Tang Dynasty period. Wang Wei was a notable and versatile human being; he was a brilliant poet, a painter, calligrapher and musician. However, the painting and writing were his most favorite activities. That is why he became famous for developing spectacular representations of mist and water. He is also considered the pioneer and founder of the atmosphere's style in the art of the southern China.

Also known as the Poet Buddha, the Wang Wei literary work reflects a good combination between Buddhist perceptions, pure nature and illusion. He basically created quatrains and poems and thanks to L.C. Wamsley and Chag Yin-nan his poems can be read in different languages.

Wang Wei Poems






Birds Calling in the Ravine

I'm idle, as osmanthus flowers fall,

This quiet night in spring, the hill is empty.

The moon comes out and startles the birds on the hill,

They don't stop calling in the spring ravine.






Lily Magnolia Enclosure

The autumn hill gathers remaining light;

a flying bird chases its companion before.

The green colour is momentarily bright,

Sunset mist has no fixed place.

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