Flag of China The Chinese flag has many names for which people call of the Chinese nation calls their flag. Some are known as the People's Republic of China which was officially adopted on October 1,1949, and others have called it the Five Star Red Flag which explain the design of the flag. Though the design is simple the meaning behind it is very valuable to the people of the Chinese community with many historical tributes. The flag consist of 4 small golden stars surrounding the edges of the larger golden star that is in the corner of the red flag farthest from the pole.

Meaning Of Stars On The Chinese Flag

The large star is said to represent the Communist Party of China (CPC) and some like one of the former presidents of China, Mao Zedong say that the four smaller stars circling it is a representation of the four social classes of the people of China which are workers class, peasant class, petty bourgeoisie and patriotic capitalists. Altogether the five stars have said to support the number five in which it relates to China's history and the thoughts of the people.

Meaning Of The Color Of The Chinese Flag

The color of the flag is a representation of the communist revolution and it is also the traditional color of the people. The gold on the other hand is sometimes symbolized as the yellow race of the people of China. By following the site you will find images of the flag of China including the capital, area, language, currency, population, religions, physical features and many others that can be greatly valued.

History Of The Chinese Flag

The uniqueness in the history of the Chinese flag began from the start when the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference placed an ad for the design of the Chinese Flag in July of 1949. Over 3000 entries were submitted of many different types of optional designs, but only 38 were brought upon the Chinese People's Consultative Conference to be ranked for the final choice. After great discussion they decided on the design by Zen Liansong. Though they eliminated the hammer and sickle from the center of the large star in the design, the credit for the flag was still giving to the Zen Liansong for the original design. This paid a great importance contributing to the history of the Chinese flag. At the following link, Justmaps.org you can explore world maps for the placement of China on a map.

Facts About The Chinese Flag

As you have read the Chinese flag can age back to many interesting topics. Generally it can be mistaken for the Flag of Taiwan because of the similar names, the Chinese flag is named the People's Republic of China and the Taiwan flag is named the Flag of the Republic of China. The confusion also comes from the fact that both flags are red, but they do have different designs. You will find the many different types of flags of Asia.

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