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Definition: Chinese has a set of three words that can be used as demonstrative adjectives or specifies. We use demostrative adjectives to signal the relative position of a noun, the main demonstrative adjectives in Chinese language are: proximal (this), distal (that), and distance-neutral (this or that), the last word is frequently used as the article "the", however Chinese people don't have specific words for articles.

English Chinese Pinyin
This/These Zhè

Note: Chinese people also use the numeral 一 (Yī) "one" as a demonstrative adjective and it's located before some verbs to transform them into nouns.

  • He laughed this laugh.
  • 他笑了笑.
  • Tā xiào le xiào.

  • She waits that wait.
  • 她等待個等待.
  • Tā děngdài gè děngdài.

  • I look this look.
  • 我看看.
  • Wǒ kàn kàn.

Note: Demonstrative adjectives usually occur at the beginning of sentences, they may often serve as the subject of the sentence.

  • This is my apple.
  • 是我的蘋果
  • Zhè shì wǒ de píngguǒ.

  • That is your pen.
  • 是你的鋼筆.
  • shì nǐ de gāngbǐ.

  • These are her books.
  • 是她的書.
  • Zhè shì tā de shū.

  • Those are his shoes.
  • 些是他的鞋子.
  • xiē shì tā de xiézi.

Note: Demonstrative adjectives can be used in both: statements or questions.

  • What is this?
  • 是什麼呢?
  • Zhè shì shénme ne?

  • Where is that?
  • 在哪兒?.
  • zài nǎer?

  • What are these things?
  • 些東西是什麼?
  • Zhèxiē dōngxi shì shénme?

  • Where are those places?
  • 些地方在哪裡?
  • xiē dìfāng zài nǎlǐ?

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