Chinese Determiner

Definition: Determiners are words that people use to indicate what person or object they refer to. Usually, poeple use them to count singular nouns (an apple, a bicycle, the phone, the computer, my book, etc.). However, Chinese language doesn't have exactly words for determiners, but there are some words that they use to give this function.

  • Chinese learners use: 这 zhè and 那 nà as determiners when they are part of a noun phrase.

Subject Predicate
(specify) ←是(copula/verb) 爸爸(noun)
(short for 我的)

  • This kind of food.
  • 種類型的食品.
  • Zhè zhǒnglèi xíng de shípǐn.

  • These four apples.
  • 四個蘋果.
  • Zhè sì gè píngguǒ.

  • Do you know this student?
  • 你知道名學生?
  • Nǐ zhīdào zhè míng xuéshēng?

  • Did she see these books?
  • 她看見了些書嗎?
  • Tā kànjiàn le zhèxiē shū ma?

  • That person is friendly.
  • 是友好的.
  • Rén shì yǒuhǎo de.

  • He wants to see those movies.
  • 他希望看到些電影.
  • Tā xīwàng kàn dào xiē diànyǐng.

  • Is that pen yours?
  • 支筆是你的嗎?
  • zhī bǐ shì nǐ de ma

  • Are those books of George?
  • 些書是喬治?
  • xiē shū shì qiáozhì?

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