Chinese Nouns

Definition: Nouns are words that people use to denote the name of a person or thing. Chinese nouns need classifiers in order to be counted.
Chinese nouns are very simple; there is only one form of nouns which does not change whether it’s masculine, feminine or plural.

However if one want to make a plural noun, the Chinese character 们 - Men is used with this purpose.

  • That boy is happy.
  • 那個男孩很高興.
  • Nàgè nánhái hěn gāoxìng.

  • Those boys are happy.
  • 那些们男孩很高興.
  • Nàxiē men nánhái hěn gāoxìng.

  • I'm very sad.
  • 很傷心.
  • hěn shāngxīn.

  • We're very sad.
  • 我们很傷心.
  • Wǒmen hěn shāngxīn.

  • Chinese language has measure words to indicate the number of nouns; these words don't exist in English language.

  • A pair of shoes.
  • 對鞋.
  • tiáo duì xié.
  • Measure word: 条 - (Tiáo).

  • Three book.
  • 書.
  • Sān shū.
  • Measure word: 个 - (Gè)

  • Four tables.
  • 個表.
  • zhāng gè biǎo.
  • Measure word: 张 - (Zhāng)

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