Chinese Prepositions

Definition: Prepositions in Chinese language define relationships between different objects within a sentence, establishing movement, time and position. Unfortunately they do not have a precise translation from Chinese to English or vice versa.

This is a complete preposition list:

List of Simple Prepositions

English Chinese Characters Pinyin
according to àn
in accordance with 按照 Ànzhào
analogy, instance 比方 Bǐfāng
such as 比如 Bǐrú
go to , get to, leave for Dào
In addition to, besides, apart from 除了 Chúle
after, as soon as Děng
to be opposite, to oppose Duì
to, for Gěi
pertaining to, concerning, regarding, with regards to, about, 關於 Guānyú
and, with
due to, because of, in view of 基於 Jīyú
after, though, as a result of 經過 Jīngguò
by, whit, will, shall Jiāng
concerning, on Jiù
to pass, to go through, process, course 經過 Jīngguò
at once, only, just Jiù
from, without
example, precedent, rule, case, instance
each, every Měi
according to, as, as if, such as
like; same; similar; together; alike; with Tóng
through ,via 透過 Tòuguò
to, towards, toward Wǎng
so as to 爲了 Wèile
according to, in the light of 依照 Yīzhào
to answer; to respond; to agree, should Yīng
due to ,because of, as a result of, owing to, thanks to 由於 Yóuyú
to relate to; related to; to concern 有關 Yǒuguān
in, on, at, to, for, of ,with regard to, in regard to, regarding
according to; in accordance with; to shine Zhào
until 直到 Zhídào
to arrive; most; to; until Zhì
as for; as to; to go so far as to 至於 Zhìyú
from; self; since
since (a time); ever since 自從 Zìcóng
towards; to face; to turn towards; direction Xiàng


  • My mother has animals such as dogs and cats
  • 我的母親有動物,如狗和貓
  • Wǒ de mǔqīn yǒu dòngwù, rú gǒu hé māo

  • I write (characters) with a pen.
  • 那些们男孩很高興.
  • Wǒ xiě (zì) yòng gāngbǐ.

  • On the table
  • 桌子上
  • Zhuōzi shàng

  • He goes to China by plane.
  • 他去中國的飛機。
  • Tā qù zhōngguó de fēijī.

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