Chinese Dictionaries

To learn a language like Chinese, you must take into account endless things such as practicing the different tones, the right word order, and learning the meaning of words, for this last point you can use some dictionaries, so here, there is a list of top ten Chinese dictionaries:

Chinese Dictionary Chinese Dictionary
Translate words, web site, and documents in real time. Free online translations.

Chinese dictionary Nciku
It is an important dictionary that allows doing searches in Pinyin, Chinese characters and English. This dictionary offers you examples, idioms, definitions and mp3 pronunciations. This interesting dictionary allows listening examples sentences both in English and Chinese.

Chinese dictionary Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
This dictionary allows the search of characters in 13 online different dictionaries.

Chinese dictionary Dictionary
This dictionary offers you translation in several languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish.

Chinese dictionary Babylon English-Chinese-Dictionary
This bi-directional Chinese English Dictionary offers you as well as an extensive database in both English and Chinese language, two different styles, Simplified and Traditional. It is also offered the Pinyin forms.

Chinese dictionary Xiaoma Cidian
It is an English - Chinese dictionary, and contains around 95090 definitions. You can release a search for expressions or characters.

Chinese dictionary Chinese-English Dictionary
You can find around 30000 Chinese characters in Pinyin form, around 31683 idioms, around 8000 saying, and 369305 words.

Chinese dictionary Arch Chinese
You can do a search in English, characters or Pinyin form. This dictionary also offers you animated stoke worksheets, orders and flashcards.

Chinese dictionary Chinese Computer Terminology
It is a PRC dictionary databases; you can do a search in simplified or traditional Chinese keywords, or in English. It also offers you pinyin form and Cantonese pronuntiation.

Chinese dictionary Chinese Character Dictionary
This dictionary offers searching by Cantonese, English, Pinyin, characters and total strokes.

Chinese dictionary Chinese English Dictionary
this is a Chinese English dictionary, it is easy to use, and has several features.

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