Chinese Pronunciation Mandarin Chinese pronunciation may sound very estrange but it isn't too difficult because it has a limited number of syllables and doesn't have many sounds in the tongue; because of that Chinese uses voice tones in its pronunciation for differentiate the words. Some Chinese dialects have nine different tones but Mandarin Chinese is easier with only four tones.

Most of times, it's difficult for beginners to recognize the tone of the words especially when they don't know about the context. Even if you have a perfect ear, it could be difficult to recognize the shades roller coaster when they speak Chinese. Since 1979, Pinyin is the official system of transliteration in China and the most important but it isn't the only one.

If you are thinking about learning Chinese, you must learn its pronunciation. There is an interesting Romanized Chinese phonetic system known as Pinyin that can help you to learn Chinese. Nowadays, this system is the most useful among foreigners. Mandarin Chinese has sixteen vowels and twenty one consonants, and if they are combined, it is possible to create around 400 mono syllabic sounds. As well as other languages you must pay close attention to its phonetic symbols.

Pinyin is a very practical pronunciation tool created with the aim of facilitating Chinese learning. This interesting system helps you to pronounce each syllable with its own tone. Chinese is a tonal language which is largely spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Pinyin is also used to enter different Chinese characters into a PC.

  • Chinese Tones
    Mandarin only has four different pitched tones (high level, falling/rising, rising and falling). Pinyin system uses diacritics to help you to understand these tones.

  • Chinese Initials
    In the Chinese writing system are 21 consonants, therefore it is recommended to learn them in order to use correctly Piyin system. In this site you will find useful tools to learn Chinese initials.

  • Chinese Finals
    The endings or finals of Mandarin syllables are vowels or consonants such as –uai, -ü, -ng, -n and -r. As well as it is important to learn the initials, you must also learn the finals.

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