Chinese Alphabet

The Chinese Alphabet is the base for learn it. Learn the pronounciation if all letters in Chinese. With the help of the list below, you could begin your learning abour chinese language.

Alphabet in Chinese

In this table we have the English alphabet in chinese.

Chinese Character Pinyin English Chinese Character Pinyin English
a êi A b bi B
c xi C d d D
e yi E f i f F
g j G h i chi H
i i I j ji J
k kai K l i l L
m i ma M n i n N
o O p p P
q j w Q r i r R
s i si S t t T
u yi w U v wi V
w du bi er wi W x yi k si X
y w i Y z zi d Z
uChino u zhe zhe r ZH
che che r CH she she r SH

The pronunciation in chinese alphabet is divided by groups agree to the termination of your vowels because this language is fonetical in almost all its context.

Termination uo

buo puo muo fuo
buo puo muo fuo

Termination uh

duh tuh nuh luh
duh tuh nuh luh
duh kuh huh
guh kuh huh

Termination ee

jee qee xee
jee qee xee

Termination err

zherr cherr sherr err
zherr cherr sherr err

Different termination

zzz ccc sff wuu
zzz ccc sss wuu
iee ah ay ee
(y) iee (a) ah (e) ay (i) ee
oo uu uChino
(o) oh (u) ooo () eww

Chinese Alphabet videos

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