Chinese Colors

In traditional Chinese art and culture the black, red, blue-green, white and yellow are viewed as standard colors. These colors represent to the five elements of the chinese culture: the water, the fire, the wood, the metal and the earth.

Colors in Chinese

Yellow Orange Aquamarine Blue Navy blue Dark brown White
黄 色 橙 色 海 蓝 宝 石 蓝 色 海 军 蓝 色 暗 棕 色 白 色
Huáng sè Chéng sè Hǎi lánbǎoshí Lán sè Hǎijūn lán sè Àn zōngsè Bái sè

Light blue Golden Gray Brown Purple Black Silver
浅 蓝 色 金 色 灰 色 褐 色 紫 色 黑 色 银 色
Qiǎn lán sè Jīn sè Huī sè Hé sè Zǐ sè Hēi sè Yín sè

Red Pink Turquoise Green Light green Violet Sapphire
紅 色 粉 红 色 绿 松 石 色 绿 色 浅 绿 色 紫 罗 兰 色 蓝 宝 石 色
Hóng sè Fěnhóng sè Lǜ sōngshí sè Lǜ sè Qiǎn lǜ sè Zǐluólán sè Lánbǎoshí sè

  • Orange color can be called either "Naranja" or "Anaranjado".

  • If you want to refer to a strong color, you can use the word “ ” before the color. For example:

    Dark green — 绿 色 (Àn lǜ sè)
    Dark red — 红 色 (Àn hóng sè)

  • If you want to refer to a color with a low shade, you must use the word "" (qiǎn), for example to say "light blue" or "sky blue" in Chinese language is: " 蓝 色 " (Qiǎn lán sè).

There are few things you must remember whenever you use colors in Chinese. If you are not exactly sure about what color is the one you are describing, you can use the suffix "ish".

  1. Usually, the name of the color comes after the noun it describes. For example:

    • I have a purple bathing suit.

    • 我 有 一 個 紫 色 的 游 泳 衣

    • Wǒ yǒu yīgè zǐsè de yóuyǒng yī.

  2. In the case of the color describes an inherent quality it comes before. For example:

    • The white snow.

    • 白 色 的 雪

    • Báisè de xuě

  3. In chinese the colors are always written same form for male and female gender For example:

    • I have a red candle.

    • 我 有 一 个 红 色 的 蜡 烛

    • Wǒ yǒu yīgè hóngsè de làzhú

    • I have a red pants.

    • 我 有 一 个 红 色 的 裤 子

    • Wǒ yǒu yīgè hóngsè de kùzi

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