Chinese Numbers

The Chinese number system is simple and straightforward. There are so many words to describe the figures and Spanish (where we have different words for numbers from zero to sixteen and for the tens, twenty, thirty, forty ...). You can notice that many simbols seem to Japanese Numbers, but don't confuse, because they're very different.

Numbers in Chinese

Chinese numbers - 0 to 20

0 1 2 3 4 5 6
ling yi r san s wu li
7 8 9 10 11 十一 12 十二 13 十三
qi ba jiu sh sh yi sh r sh san
14 十四 15 十五 16 十六 17 十七 18 十八 19 十九 20 二十
sh s sh wu sh li sh qi sh ba sh jiu r sh

Chinese numbers - 21 to 30

21 二十一 22 二十二 23 二十三 24 二十四 25 二十五
r sh yi r sh r r sh san r sh s r sh wu
26 二十六 27 二十七 28 二十八 29 二十九 30 三十
r sh li r sh qi jiu ba r sh jiu san sh

Chinese numbers - 40 to 90

40 四十 50 五十 60 六十
s sh wu sh li sh
70 七十 80 八十 90 九十
qi sh ba sh jiu sh

Chinese numbers bigger tan 100

100 一百 101 一百零一 200 二百 300 三百
y bai y bai lng yi r bai san bai
400 四百 500 五百 1000 一千 10001 一千零一
s bai wu bai y qian y qian lng yi

  • You may notice that many of the chinese numbers are compositions of the symbols, this is the way to make a number, so if you need a chinese number you can do so systematically.
Examples of Numbers in Chinese:
1,534 yi qian wu bai san shi si
7,272 liu qian wu bai si shi jiu
378,201 san shi qi wan ba qian er bai ling yi
1'546,789 yi bai wu shi si wan liu qian qi bai jiu shi ba

Videos of Chinese Numbers

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